Course Overview

At Grow Outside we encourage people to access green-spaces and learn to grow plants, especially food, whilst experiencing the health benefits of being in nature. 


This free programme takes place online with content to read and watch, and try for yourself - it’s open to everyone, everywhere. We will be sharing lots of ways to get outside and engage with nature – everything from sharing information about growing plants, to nature craft activities, and things to do outdoors for families and individuals. Our sessions offer the opportunity to learn some new skills and meet new people.


You can use our resources on your own or if you like to be social you can join discussions in the hub, join our growing for nature and wellbeing group on Facebook, and tell us about what you make and discover.


Follow the sessions in order, or dip in and out as you please; we'll be adding more content as we create it and as the seasons change! You can leave comments on individual topics, and everything can be downloaded to look at offline. 


Join the Facebook group ( to hear about updates to the hub, we'll also contact you via email, unless you ask us not to. If you have any questions get in touch at [email protected]

Course content

  • 1

    Welcome to the Outdoor Wellbeing Hub

    • Hub welcome

    • How to use the hub

  • 2

    Wellbeing in nature

    • Introduction to the Wellbeing in nature section

    • Family nature weaving

    • Mindfulness using our five senses

    • Nature crafts - making a leaf lantern

    • Landscape Art Part 1

    • Landscape Art Part 2

    • Landscape Art Part 3

    • Fairy houses

    • Hand patterns in nature

    • Viewing nature

  • 3

    Grow and harvest

    • Introduction to grow and harvest

    • Autumn activities - planting garlic

    • Recycled raised bed edging

    • Planting strawberry runners

    • Bulb planting

    • Seed saving

    • Making a seed packet

    • Sowing sweet pea seeds

    • Rose pruning

    • An introduction to foraging

    • Foraging - Tasty Teas

    • Foraging - Eat your weeds

    • Foraging - Rosehip syrup

    • Overwintering Dahlia tubers

  • 4

    Helping hand for wildlife

    • Introduction to a helping hand for wildlife

    • Creating habitats for wildlife in the garden

    • Brilliant Bird Boxes

    • How to create a container pond

    • Making a bug hotel

    • Winter ground cover for wildlife in the garden

    • Willow bird feeder

    • Teasel bird feeder

    • Choosing wildflowers for your garden

  • 5

    Sustainable Gardening workshops

    • Workshop 1: Microclimates

    • Workshop 1: Choosing sustainable resources for a no-dig bed

    • Workshop 1: Creating a no-dig bed

    • Workshop 2: Sustainable seed sowing - introduction

    • Workshop 2: Sustainable seed sowing - making a newspaper pot

    • Workshop 2: Sustainable seed sowing - making modular seed trays/ small pots using cardboard rolls

    • Workshop 2: Sowing a 'pollinator patch' with annual flower seeds

    • Workshop 3: Composting

    • Workshop 4: Garden maintenance - creating a balanced ecosystem

    • Workshop 5: Seed saving and autumn gardening

    • Workshop 5: making an origami seed packet - no glue required

    • Workshop 5: Seed packet printable template

    • Workshop 6: Improving and protecting garden beds over autumn and winter

    • Workshop 7: Green manures

    • Workshop 9: Print at home worksheet: Making your garden work for you.

    • Workshop 9: Audio visualisation

  • 6

    Craft ideas

    • How to make a hedgehog decoration using natural materials

    • DIY painted terracotta pot and seed planting project

  • 7


    • Feedback survey